Monday, 15 April 2013


Liberal  — adj

  • 1.    relating to or having social and political views that favour progress and reform

  • 2.  relating to or having policies or views advocating individual freedom

  • 3.    giving and generous in temperament or behaviour

  • 4.    tolerant of other people

Focus on the points 3 & 4 in particular when you see the vile and disgraceful antics since the passing of Margaret Thatcher.
The so called “giving and generous” class of our society spared no attempt in acting like a violent, narrow-minded mob during their Thatcher Death Parties.
They danced, drank and celebrated like it was New Year’s over the weekend and even burned effigies of the Iron Lady. The scenes from Trafalgar Square were reminiscent of a rally in the Middle East after some crazed terrorist (who happened to kill thousands of people in cold blood) was terminated by western forces.

Blood has boiled in many households around Great Britain; most are furious at the way the Left have reacted and conducted themselves since Thatcher’s passing.

There is no way that we can stop these idiotic lunatics from carrying out such distasteful protest during the funeral as that would be the antithesis of what a democracy is.

What we can do is similar to one of the founding fathers of the ‘mob’, Saul Alinsky which is: 
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.”

On Wednesday, when demonstrations, parties, vile chanting and more effigies being burnt during her funeral procession will inevitably occur - you will see the real face (if you haven’t already) of the Leftist movement in Britain.

Just like you were incensed by the Leftist organisation, Occupy Wall Street and their shocking acts – so should you be with this.  

The London Riots in 2011 a brainchild of the Leftist culture resulted in damages up to and over £300Million, people dead, business ruined and many homes/business destroyed.

The modern day Leftist have no problem in rioting, looting, raping women and being genuinely disgusting smelly people but apparently the average person are called racist because we are worried about mass immigration without any integration; or being concerned about the welfare state of the country.  

Liberals call us ‘out of touch’ and ‘bigots’ for having legitimate concerns about the true roots of Climate Change and opposing the idea of gay marriage. 

We are called ‘anti-poor and/or heartless’ for wanting fundamentally lower taxation, limited government spending and benefits capped to the genuinely sick and disabled.

When we condemn acts such as Occupy Wall Street, the London Riots, G20 protest and now Thatcher Death Parties as nothing short of vulgar – we are called out for not being ‘tolerant’ enough of other people’s opinions and therefore bullied into silence.
  • Liberals didn't celebrate in public when Hitler died.
  • When Gaddafi perished they didn't feel the need to dance in the streets.
  • When the liberated newly democratic country of Iraq sentenced Saddam Hussein to death, I don’t recall seeing a swarm of people in Trafalgar Square popping Dom Pérignon.  
  • When Bin-Laden was taken out there wasn't any death parties or riots in celebration along the Thames.

It absolutely astounding that the modern day Left will discount Hitler, Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Milosevic and other murderous terrorist thugs and their crimes against humanity- yet they will hold Margaret Thatcher, who turned Britain from terminal decline into a prosperous nation within 11 years – with such contempt that they will depict her as worse than all of the above!

That is the modern day liberal for you folks & the pictures offer vindication. 


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