Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hillary 2012!!!!!!

Many people say that this is Obama's election for the taking. If you look at all of the potential contenders from the GOP's perspective it does seem like they don't garner much excitement.

Pundits from MSNBC, ABC News, Juan Williams and other bleeding heart liberals fervently believe that since no viable ‘GOPite’ has come to the forefront already, it has to be because they're ‘scared of Obama’. They believe that Obama is sooo popular and still earns the support of the entire nation that there really isn't any point in running against him.

I prefer to be the optimistic one here and have a certain school of thought here.

I believe that the likes of Gingrich, Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Barbour and the rest of the gang are saving up their money for the later primaries with a view to spending big for the fall campaign. Remember John McCain in 2007? He started so early that he went bankrupt just before New Hampshire and only stayed in the race after he won the primary race and bagged a whole load of cash as a result to stay afloat.

The GOP, I believe are playing it smart. The bottom line is beating Obama in 2012 not beating everyone silly in the primary and being dead on arrival at the start of the presidential campaign.

What Barack Obama may have to take into consideration is a certain Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I believe still covets his job like a druggie needing his next fix. Remember that Hillary was always the ‘next in line’. It was always going to be her in 2008, until Obama came in and grabbed it away from her.
I think she still has the ambition to be President. I don't think that you just lose that ambition overnight. Yes she is the Secretary of State, but she is actually doing that to stay active and in the minds of the electorate.

Once the GOP field starts to narrow and it becomes clearer as to who they will nominate, you will see Obama’s poll numbers dramatically dipping as there will be a clear compare and contrast; this will force Hillary to join the game in the summer and mount a primary challenge to Obama.

If the GOP gets the White House in 2012 it could be as dramatic as Ronald Wilson Reagan in the 1980's. The Democrats didn't get the Presidency back until 1992 with Bill Clinton, a whole 12 years later!
I believe that Hillary desperately wants another nibble of that cookie and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Watch this space folks.....


So the election of 2012 has officially begun....President Barack Obama posted a video on the internet which declared his intention on seeking re-election in November 2012.

Look, it’s no surprise that he is running for a second term, but to do so at the sharp end of a potential Government Shutdown??? What abysmal timing!!!!

The GOP in the House of Representatives are proposing to cut $61 billion dollars from a $3 Trillion dollar budget to keep the Government operational. As you would expect Obama doesn't like that and is insisting that the Democrats in the Senate, lead by Harry Reid, (Nevada) stand firm and resist the cuts to his ‘holy socialised’, union run, ‘pork barrelled’, ‘anti business’ budget. A government shutdown is avoidable but it will most likely happen this Friday or, if not, a few weeks from now. This will consequently highlight Obama’s lack of leadership and his chronic inability to find common ground with the GOP on such a small percentage of the budget.
This I believe will set the tone for the election of 2012 in America. Obama hasn’t changed the way Washington does business. He is perceived as weak, in bed with Unions, Special Interests, 60’s Radicals and Anti Semites.

I hope that Obama's advisors continue what they're doing. The re-election announcement had ZERO thought to the current situation whatsoever. I highly doubt his campaign, regardless of the billions shovelled from Soros, SEIU and other Anti-Capitalist organisations; will be as thoughtful in the coming 20 months.


You will remember that on week one of the anointed one's coronation into Washington DC, he proclaimed that Guantanamo Bay will be shut within a year. In 365 days the supposed ‘black eye’ of American foreign policy will be no longer.

I'm not saying it’s what propelled him to office in 2008 but it was a significant tool with which to bash McCain and the GOP and to also excite the boisterous anti Bush liberals into voting for him.

Well.... We've just learned that United States Attorney General, Eric Holder will now try the 9/11 co-conspirators, including Khalid Sheik Muhammad (KSM) in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This is a massive reversal for the Obama administration. What the ‘appeaser in chief‘, actually wanted to do was to try KSM and his pals in lower Manhattan next to 'ground zero'.
On top of that, last year he said he wouldn't stand in the way of the so called 'ground zero mosque' being built blocks away from ground zero where 3,000 people died on September 11th 2001. Talk about a slap on the face for all the victims families. Does the man have any compassion. 9/11 wasn't something that happened a century ago, it is still fresh in the mind of all of America.

Take what he has done with the 'ObamaCare', Wall Street bailouts, his woeful foreign policy (look at Libya, he is now arming al-Qaeda), his pressuring of allies such as Israel, his alliance with the socialist revolutionary unions, trillion dollar deficits, run away spending, pro government–anti small business ideology.
The picture that is suddenly appearing is that the only thing that is a black eye on America is one,
Barack Hussein Obama!!!